I am grateful for my job

In my effort, to stay on this April challenge of gratitude, I will be grateful for the job that almost gave me a nervous breakdown. Yes, I am grateful for the very job that I am trying to escape. Here are four reasons why: I get periodic vacations. Yesterday, I climbed the 300 steps of … Continue reading I am grateful for my job

Having a thankful mind-set

It's a very dreary day in Boston. The sky is grey and the weather is wet. It is such a perfect day to complain. You know those days, you look out the window and it seems that the bleakness of the moment perfectly represents the dullness of your situation. I began to feel that way … Continue reading Having a thankful mind-set

Happy May!

Sorry, I've been M.I.A.  I finished my happiness challenge for the month of April. I apologize for not giving you more timely updates. But overall, I think my happiness challenge worked! I did everything I mentioned on the list that improves happiness level. - I exercised at least seven minutes a day and as of … Continue reading Happy May!