I’m on Vacation!

Yes! I’m on vacation and it feels good! God, thank you that I have a 2 month break from teaching! Woohoo! I have so many plans for the month of December and I just wanted to share it on my blog.

Here is the list of things that I plan to do:

1. Make a colorful and fun December Event Calendar!

2. Make holiday cards and send them to former internships, bosses and possibly friends and family

3. Take a soap making class

4. Take a business class

5. Volunteer

6. Take a pole dancing class

7. Make some lotion, and body butter

8. Make some dessert

9. Exercise

10. Go ice skating

11. Meet with friends

12. Apply for jobs

13. Apply for Echoing Green Fellowship

14. Play the Ukulele

15. Read

16. Spend time with family

17. Go to Mississippi for friend’s graduation

18. See a play!

19. Go to a concert!

20. Have lazy days!

Feel free to add more suggestions!

And in case you have a break, check out these sites for ideas!


 easy advent activities for kids


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