Happiness Challenge: Weeks 2 and 3

Happy Sunday!

I apologize for not giving you an update last week. I was so busy working on a video cover letter for a prospective job….. I know… video cover letter. This is the times we are living. A paperless society.

Anyways, on to the real question. Am I happy?

At the moment, I am pretty content. I’m not ecstatic! But, yes I’m happy.

I saw three of my besties this weekend! I’m always grateful and happy to see them. I just saw and chatted with one in the car just before I started writing.

Actually, this morning I noted in my gratitude journal that I was grateful for friends.

And truthfully, that is the key to happiness. It isn’t always money and material things that make people happy.  The small moments with loved ones, the quiet times, and the reflective minutes that make up the bulk of our lives, if cherished and appreciated make us happy.

In terms of the challenge???? I’ve been doing everything except napping!

I forget…..

To be honest, I’m not doing them on the actual days listed. For example, if I have on the calendar to cook on Tuesday but I cook on Wednesday instead, I cut myself some slack and count it as accomplishing my challenge goals.

Life gets in the way. And things, duties, priorities come up that may prevent you from doing certain things and that’s okay. I just need to be sure to get it done.

Three things that I’ve been doing every single day without fail are watching a motivational video, meditating, and exercising for at least 7 minutes!

Woohoo! I’m proud of myself. That makes me happy!

So yeah… that’s my update. I’m not following it exactly to the tea but I’m definitely making an effort to and that’s actually enough. If I get too hard on myself, I defeat the purpose of being happy.

I’ll continue to keep you all updated and feel free to tag along in your own pursuit to happiness.



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