Happiness Challenge: Week 1 Completed!!!!

Happy Easter!!!

Hooray for me! A nice pat on the back for my completing a week of happiness challenge in which I blogged about last Sunday. If you look at my photo below, you will see that every day from Sunday, March 29th to Saturday, April 4th is checked marked.

Yup! That’s right. I did my seven minutes of exercise! I listened to motivational videos. I wrote down what I was grateful for. I walked outside. I applied for jobs and I wrote in both of my blogs at least once. Remember to check out my body butter recipe blog. Go ahead and click it….. like right now…. YourBody Butter.

At this very moment, I’m happy. However, I wouldn’t say I was necessarily happy throughout the whole challenge week. Being happy isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be happy. Life hits you. This week my mom made an announcement that she’s cutting the internet for a month.

Did that make me happy?


My mother also commented on my weight gain.

Did that make me happy?


I got a rejection letter from a job I applied for.

Did that make me happy?


So yeah….. Life happens.

The true challenge isn’t simply being happy but rather accepting the negative and turning it into something positive. The challenge is to be vulnerable and reaching out to a friend to talk about the unhappy moments. The challenge is to continue writing what you’re grateful for. The challenge is making a habit of exercising every day. The challenge is doing the things that will eventually make us happy like reaching your goal for that week no matter what life threw at you.

Completing this week has given me joy!

I’m happy.

Plus, the weather is absolutely beautiful!

How could I not be happy?



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