30 years grateful

I am forever grateful to God for allowing me to live 30 years! There are many people who don’t make it to their third decade. The universe wants me alive for a reason.

Where should I start?

Age 29, the last year of my 20’s. It felt like it. I experienced the classic dating pitfalls, fuckboys, hotation (watch Insecure), crazy, seeking attention in the wrong places. Will I ever learn?

I also experienced a toxic work environment which taught me to reevaluate my worth. I decided that I was worth more and left.

In fact, 29 probably was a good summary of my twenties. I navigated my career and my dating life.

I had a few milestones. I underwent my first surgery, lived in my first apartment by myself. I made out with a rando ; – ) (very twenties).

I developed some wonderful relationships. I coordinated kickass career fairs. I grew in my career. I secured a job at a prestigious institution, start next week!

I had a full year of experience, lessons, tears, joy and excitement. I can only imagine what this decade will bring.

I’m so excited!


Esther Yvette




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