I am grateful for my job

In my effort, to stay on this April challenge of gratitude, I will be grateful for the job that almost gave me a nervous breakdown. Yes, I am grateful for the very job that I am trying to escape.

Here are four reasons why:

  1. I get periodic vacations. Yesterday, I climbed the 300 steps of the Bunker Hill Monument, because I had the time to do it. I have the privilege and opportunity to tour the city of Boston simply because I am on spring break. Not many people have that luxury and for that I am grateful.

2. I have the best students ever. My students are motivated, persistent and funny! Some of them actually do their homework and would even ask for more. I learn so much from them and I do enjoy teaching them.

3. I have the most dedicated colleagues. My coworkers truly care for the students and their families. They are always going out of their way to raise money to support students in need. I admire their concern for who they serve and the passion for what they do. I aspire to have that passion, hopefully, in my next job.

4. My job pays the bills. There are so many people in the world without a job or with a job that pays insufficiently that they cannot afford the basic necessities of life.

Writing this really gives me a fresh and encouraging perspective on my current employment situation. I should definitely do this more often.

Share what you like about your job below and have an awesome day!






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