Grateful for Snow Days!


I’m so happy to have two snow days in a row. The universe has unexpectedly blessed me with a much needed 5 day weekend. Monday, I took a sick day because it is my God-given right. Yesterday, my college closed due to inclement weather and today the school decided to give it’s employees another day off.

I’m not complaining.

I had been fantasizing for the past few days of taking a staycation. However, I’ve been accruing vacation time to go to Cancun! I’m stepping out of the United States for the first-time in my life next month. I know! I’m such a traveling newbie! I can’t wait! I’m taking three weeks off of hard earned time to also visit family in Tennessee and Alabama.

So…. if it hadn’t been for the snow days, I wouldn’t have taking any days off for 6 months!

Well, except for my sick days in which I’m slowly finding value in. I’m realizing that I don’t need to be coughing to take one. When I feel the need to rejuvenate my mind and spirit, I will tap into my benefits to take advantage of a “mental health day”.

I have been so productive these past few days. I worked on my business, Woken Apparel. Yes! I started a business! I have so much to update you all. I applied for another job. My goal is to apply to one job a week since I plan to leave my current position in June.

I decided that my current position doesn’t reflect the values I spoke about in my post, Work Values. So I’m making the almighty decision to leave!  And it feels so good!

This staycation sent from the snowy heavens also freed up time for me to catch up with family and friends, take care of some errands and make a few purchases that were way past due.

Finally, I was able to breathe. Since I last wrote in this blog, I moved out of my studio. It’s sad but I really needed to. I put so much love into my studio but it had so many structural issues and it was too damn expensive! So I moved and got me some roommates. It’s been a whirlwind and an adjustment living with people again. However, I am grateful for cheaper rent and the ability to walk to work!

I am also especially appreciative of the moments when my roommates are out of town like this week! Perfect timing! I have had this beautiful small and bright 3 bedroom to myself since Monday and have definitely taken advantaged of it.

I breathed in and out in the solitude of my home, I sang out loud, I meditated in the living room, I did some naked yoga…..

Sweet Life!

I don’t think I’m ready to go back tomorrow but I’ll choose not to think about it. I’ll focus on the beauty of the present snowy wonderland.

-Esther Yvette


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