I’m on my own

So this is it.

I’m finally on my own.

Like literally on my own. I wasn’t dropped off at a college dorm. I’m not staying at a friend or a family member’s home for a few months.

I’m on my own in Boston.


I officially accepted the offer in Boston. Though I really wanted the position in Washington D.C., I wouldn’t know my status until the end of August. I didn’t want to take that gamble. Therefore, I withdrew my application.

Now I’m in Boston at a coworker’s apartment until I move into my apartment with a roommate on August 22nd! I’m excited! My first apartment in my name! Not my mom’s or dad’s. My name! Woohoo!

It feels surreal and it’s finally hitting me. My dad was gracious enough to drive me from Chicago to Boston (though he complained about the tolls! lol). I’m really grateful for him and for buying my groceries for the first two weeks because Lord I need it. I’m also grateful that my sister came with me too! She through me an amazing surprise going away party before I left. It was very thoughtful and sweet. I’m glad that they both got to enjoy Boston and meet up with their friends. They just left about 35 minutes ago.

That’s when it hit me. Even though I arrived since Wednesday. I didn’t feel any different because I still had family around. Now they’re on the road back to Chicago without me.

I’m going to miss them.

Now it’s a whole different ball game for me. No more relying on them. Well, I can always rely on family but they won’t be able to take care of my rent, cell phone, utilities and loans every month. I have too many expenses. It’s just not going to happen. However, I’m glad that they are only a call away.

This calls for a new ‘family’, a Boston social support system. I know I’ll build one. God is my number one support and I am so very grateful for his answering my prayers.

God truly answers prayers! Omigosh! I’m feeling literally so overwhelmed with gratitude and awe because so many things that I’ve been praying for has came true. I had so many anxious blog posts about my working situation, my underemployment, lack of finding jobs. God has answered me. I wasn’t expecting moving 1000 miles from home for the job or to be on my own but God wants me here.

Thank you, God!

Praise God!


Of course, I’ll continue to update on this blog on my new journey. I’ll be sure to share pictures, inspiration, testimonies and spiritual insights.

I look forward to whatever is coming ahead!



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