Boston is beautiful

Yes. This is the life. I just finished meditating with this view as my focus point. Who would’ve thought that Boston would be so beautiful? I’m currently staying with a coworker until I move into my own place next weekend. My coworker is literally walking distance from the ocean. So it’s only reasonable that I walk there everyday and force myself to eventually leave to only wind back up there again.

I really did not want to leave the beach. I found a spot on the grass under a shade created by two trees. I was in awe. But it isn’t only the beach that captivates me. Massachusetts is a mountainous area and it boasts beautiful trees. Just looking at the layout of the houses stacked on the mountains surrounded by trees can ignite a sense of wonder.

The moment was soo beautiful. I didn’t want it to end. I was in love with the blue sky, I appreciated the man doing Tai Chi and the family gossiping on the bench. I tolerated the cars and the business of life as it starkly contrasted the splendor of the ocean. I even endured the stench of fish….. Hey, sometimes beautiful things come with a price.

I like the Boston area so far, especially North Shore where I’m currently residing. I realize that I’m in love with nature and I’m so grateful that I’m immersed in it but not secluded by it.

It has been a very interesting week. My job situation is something…. But I have Fridays off. Therefore, I am very appreciative of the free time I have and the moment I spent by the ocean.



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