It’s November: The month of Thanksgiving

In an attempt to find joy and peace no matter what the situation (Phillipians 4:12), this month I will focus on gratitude. I did this two years ago when I was feeling really depressed and it really lifted my spirit. I do have a gratitude journal that I write in at least 3 times a … Continue reading It’s November: The month of Thanksgiving


Happy May!

Sorry, I've been M.I.A.  I finished my happiness challenge for the month of April. I apologize for not giving you more timely updates. But overall, I think my happiness challenge worked! I did everything I mentioned on the list that improves happiness level. - I exercised at least seven minutes a day and as of … Continue reading Happy May!

A Beautiful Day

The sky is so blue and the air is so crisp. The grass is so green and the leaves are so new. The sound of children's laughter is so delightful and the feeling of joy is so wonderful. This is truly a beautiful day. Share with me how beautiful your day is.