I’m not a cultural fit

"I'm not a cultural fit. What does that even mean?" I was listening to a young man explain his frustration with the startup field. I met him at a startup networking event in Roxbury, one of Boston's most diverse communities. I was sharing with him my passion for increasing diversity in tech when he began … Continue reading I’m not a cultural fit



A few months ago, I attended a church service and the pastor posed the question, "Close your eyes and think of home. What do you see? Where's home?" At the time, I thought of Chicago and my family and friends. Last week, as I was finishing a grueling, hectic and stressful summer teaching program in … Continue reading Home

New Blog!

As I noted a few weeks ago, I was planning on starting a blog about being a woman in my late twenties and the adventures of living on my own! I just published 27 Going On 30 and would love for you to follow me. Here are some of the topics: Being grown (adulthood) Adventures … Continue reading New Blog!