I’m feeling blah…..but I’m still pressing on

So, I'm not having a happy day. I really don't know why. I'm just feeling down and slightly depressed, annoyed and slightly frustrated. I think it's partly because the day started out cloudy. I'm also PMS-ing. (This ish is real!) I'm also finally confronting the possibility that I won't have income this summer and I'll … Continue reading I’m feeling blah…..but I’m still pressing on

Happiness Challenge: Week 1 Completed!!!!

Happy Easter!!! Hooray for me! A nice pat on the back for my completing a week of happiness challenge in which I blogged about last Sunday. If you look at my photo below, you will see that every day from Sunday, March 29th to Saturday, April 4th is checked marked. Yup! That's right. I did … Continue reading Happiness Challenge: Week 1 Completed!!!!