Trying to find joy in transition

This week has been hard. I miss home and I still don’t like my job. However, I’m finding little ways to create balance, routine and happiness in my life.

I’m taking care of my health.

I started exercising regularly again. Xfinity has some great exercise videos. I also joined the YMCA.

I’m creating a home.

My bedroom in Boston is finally coming together!FOTF400FOT9C2F






So are other rooms….. slowly but surely with much spray painting and thrift shop hopping. (I may need to convince my roommate to get a stylish trash can but she already thinks I’m picky! lol). I’ll be getting more decor today!!! Yay! I’m happy about that!







I have a social life.

I went dancing a few times. I went to a Caribbean Festival, a Nigerian Independence Celebration, Labor Day day parties, a cool park, and an underground dance club. I’ve visited a few churches.

So there are good things but I still dearly miss family. I know it’ll get better. It will get easier. I’ll find joy.






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