I always have a choice

1. You always have a choice

When I told him that I was not going to church anymore so that I can choose to go to church he said,
“But Esther, I thought you always had a choice.”

That statement is really profound, because it’s really true. We are not bound to our situations; there is always an alternative or an opportunity. We just have to realize it and decide to use it

This is an excerpt from an older post entitled “Lessons Learned from Poppy.” 

I need to cement the notion in my brain that I always have a choice.  I was reminded of this power a few weeks ago. In my last post about how I hated my job. I felt stuck. I have a lease, I thought. I can’t quit my job. That means that I have to stay until June. Then I started thinking about my students. I can’t just leave them. Then my supervisor resigned. The staff wasn’t sure if she quit or was fired, especially in light of all of the changes.

I was seeing a lot of instability and I was feeling stressed about my situation. Thankfully, a coworker, who happens to be elderly with a pension and aged old wisdom gave me some advice.

“If I were you, I’d look for a place with more stability. Don’t worry about your students, there will always be needy students. You got to look out for yourself.”

I cannot tell you how much her advice game me relief.

I CAN leave.

I have a choice and that is powerful.

I am still at the job, however, my realization of my choices, as well as prayer to “renew a right spirit within me” have given me a new perspective on my situation.

Let’s see where my choices will take me!




2 thoughts on “I always have a choice

  1. K E Garland says:

    I have found that the most disturbing thing to tell people is that they have a choice. People have gotten downright angry with me when I suggest that it’s HIS or HER choice…always. Here’s to choosing what’s best for you 🙂


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