I don’t like my job

I’ve been in Boston for close to a month and I miss home. I actually just want to go home. I know this is normal. This is just part of the process but this week I was just full of emotions.

A lot of good things have happened. I got my first place! Yay! I get along with my roommate. I’ve been touring Boston. I went on a date, which I will talk about in my other blog 27 Going on 30. And I am truly grateful for all of that.

However, I don’t like my job.


It’s kind of funny when you think about it. So much of my previous blog posts was about getting a full-time job and now that I got it, I want to leave.

Ok. There are parts of it that I like. I love my students, I love my coworkers. I love that I have Fridays off. But I’m not happy there. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, there is so much disorganization and miscommunication. This passed week, I was annoyed every single day due to some form of miscommunication. For example, when I started class, I was told that I would have 15 students yet they put me in a classroom that could only fit 12 students comfortably. In addition, the classroom was dirty, windowless with paint chipped walls. I worked tirelessy, over the pass two weeks to transform the room to make it as inviting as possible for my students.

Turns out they over enrolled both of my classes. One class had 20 students in which I had to use a different classroom and another had 16 enrolled but 13 showed up. Yet, they could not fit comfortably in the original classroom because it was too small, too hot and too noisy. The classroom is by the frieght elevator.  So I moved them to an empty classroom full of windows. You can imagine my frustration. I worked so hard on a classroom that I’m not even going to use.

How the hell did that happen??? I can’t blame the advisor because he was new. He simply did his job by enrolling students. Someone( i.e. the Boss) should have communicated with him the cap number.  In addition, so many of the other teachers are feeling frustrated as well. The work environment is filled with much discontent. One new teacher said out loud “I don’t like this, no explaining. I don’t have time to clean this classroom.”

Oh yea… cleaning the classroom. And I don’t mean cleaning up after yourself but vacuuming, dusting, and throwing out the garbage is suppose to be part of our limited prep time hours. I originally thought prep time hours was for lesson planning and grading paper. That is miscommunication. I didn’t sign up for this.

I worked 45 hours last week. But I’m only getting paid for my contracted amount of 39 hours. When I get home at 8:30 pm at night, I’m so beat that I can hardly get up the next morning. Plus Uber is eating my money. I use it because after my night class the next bus isn’t until 8:44pm. The building is cleared at 8:15. It just isn’t safe to be waiting for the bus at that time of night.

I’m just feeling dissatisfied and I can’t wait to go to another job. 105 more class days and 41 more weeks.

So help me God.


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