I’m feeling blah…..but I’m still pressing on

So, I’m not having a happy day.

I really don’t know why. I’m just feeling down and slightly depressed, annoyed and slightly frustrated.

I think it’s partly because the day started out cloudy.

I’m also PMS-ing. (This ish is real!)

I’m also finally confronting the possibility that I won’t have income this summer and I’ll be stuck in a two bedroom apartment with four other people who keep the place looking a mess!

I’m just tired. I’m tired for applying for jobs. I’m tired of almost opportunities.

I’m tired.

In times like these, I usually try to do something to relieve my state of depression. And I will do that. The sun has came out so I’ll go for a walk.

I still pushed myself to apply to a job today. It was really hard to do but Gandhi would be proud because at this moment, I’m at my strongest.

The moments when the world seems totally against you and you still find a way to make a step toward your goal shows the greatness in you.

The power in you.

The power in me.





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