Happy Autumn Sabbath!

I just took a walk and it was so refreshing. It’s fall season in Chicagoland and the temperature is about 48 degrees and I’m loving it! The weather feels brisk and cool.

I truly enjoyed my walk through the multicolored landscape. Autumn is absolutely beautiful! As I walked, I noticed these hot pinkish reddish leaves. They were brilliant!

I am so happy that I decided to unplug and take a walk in order to capture beauty. Sometimes, in the midst of our struggles, depression, despair, frustrations, annoyances and darkness, it is so easy to only see the ugly. But if we just take a look outside, we could see that there is so much beauty, brilliancy and vibrancy in the world.

I was thinking, how fall is such an underrated season. We as humans nicknamed the season “fall’, I’m assuming due to the falling leaves. But autumn can relate to our fall seasons. We go through those seasons where the sun doesn’t shine as much and the wind blows harder and sharper in our lives but yet our fall is beautiful. Our leaves turn from a vibrant green to a brilliant red. Our brilliant red falls to the ground and adds to the naturally made floor mural. Eventually, our leaves will serve a purpose for the renewal of the soil.

That’s pretty darn amazing! Thank you God for nature, beauty and fall!




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