And the journey continues to live out my purpose

I’m starting to feel alive again. I feel very grateful. I have my unemployment. My savings hold cleared. And I didn’t get the job that I didn’t want in the first place.

I’m truly believing that the universe is conspiring to help me achieve my dream of living a life of social justice in a creative and innovative way.  That’s why I didn’t get the job. That is why I was “let go” from the job that I felt imprisoned in.

I was reading over my past blog posts and about two years ago I wrote”I’m deciding to Live Out My Personal Legend.”  I had just finished reading“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and it tells the story of a young shepherd who has a dream to travel to Egypt to find a treasure. An old king interprets this as the young man’s process of realizing his Personal Legend. As the book goes on, it is apparent that a person’s Personal Legend is his/her purpose in life. It is made up of dreams and goals. And in order to fully realize your purpose, you must take a journey that involves twists and turns. So the young shepherd does just that. He takes risks, he loses, he gains and is challenged in many ways. However, he keeps on going and because of this “the whole universe conspires to help [him]” of finding his treasure.

In my post, I talked about how I knew that my purpose is to in life is to be a social entrepreneur. My recent experience is teaching me that the universe keeps bringing you back to your purpose. The universe reminds you through “itches” to get out; feelings of discontentment; passions for your interest and trials that bring you back to the right path even when it feels like you’re starting all over.

That’s happening to me right now. Throughout, this past year I’ve had the opportunity to conduct informational interviews with so many people. There are two words of advice that stood out to me.

  1. “There’s a common thread in your life.” Patrica Gentile, President of North Shore Community College.
  2. “You don’t have to work in non-profit to do social justice work.”-Ricardhy Grandoit, Social Responsibility Specialist at Major League Baseball

My common thread is social justice, education, youth development. I love advocating for people of color. Another thread is creativity. I’m always coming with new ideas. Starting a new project, whether it may be a muffin business, transforming a dresser or writing a blog. These “threads” tie into my strong interest in social entrepreneurship.

Secondly, it is becoming more and more apparent that I need to leave non profit. There are some awesome non-profits out there but my experience has been been restrictive. In those circumstances, my ideas have either been ignored or seen as too risky. I need to be in a place that is receptive to my creativity, my ideas and desire to take risks.

What better place to do that in Boston, the bed of the start-up world? Aside from Silicon Valley, Boston has a super strong technology and start-up reputation and I can literally put myself in the heart of it so that my personal legend can be actualized. I can leave non-profit to work a social entrepreneur in tech startup company.

I was brought me here for a reason. I lost this job for reason. The universe is telling something. It’s bringing me back to my purpose.

This my shot.

I’m creating a plan to transition into a diversity and inclusion position in a social media youth oriented startup. Black and Latino youth use social media more than any other racial groups yet their role models are underrepresented in the field. I aim to change that. I aim to make the startup world more just. This is what makes me come alive and  in the words of Howard Thurman,”what the world needs is people who come alive.”

I’m going to a Civic Innovators event called Code for Boston this week. I’m going to be one of the only females and few people of color. I’m excited and scared. Wish me blessings of courage.

I got to do this. I need to live out my Personal Legend.


Please follow me on Twitter @estherleonard where I will document my experiences trying to break into the startup world.





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