Taste of Summer

Hi! I just came back from Florida! I miss it.

Blue skies

Fresh air

Walks in the park

Caribbean food!





Now, I’m back to Chicago. From 80 something weather to 40 something weather. I know that if I didn’t go to Florida, I’d be so happy for changing weather. But I got a taste of something better. So I want summer!

I want shorts!

I want tans!

You know how that happens. How when you get a taste of something better you no longer appreciate what you had. We do that in life. Rather than being grateful with our life, we want someone else’s life, someone else’s look, someone else’s house, car, idea, dream.

Sometimes, we were only meant to taste it. It may be that we are only meant to appreciate it in that moment. Or that we are getting a preview of what is to come and that we simply need patience to wait for it.

Summer in Chicago is coming. I am just grateful that I had a taste and hopefully patient for sunny blue skies, green trees and warm weathered festivals in a few months.

Unfortunately, there aren’t palm trees in Chicago but I’m grateful to see them when I visit my grandparents.

Summer days ahead,



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