Have an Energizing Meditation!

In my last post, “I Need Meditation in My Life“,I mentioned the importance of meditation. I thought it would be great  to share some tips that I find useful in having an energizing worshipful meditation. Feel free to apply this to your own meditative practice. Everyone has their own unique way of meditating so do what is best for you.devotion1-300x257

Have Separate Quiet Clean Well Lit Place

Since I have a flexible schedule, on the days that I don’t teach, I wait until my siblings leave from school and my mother leaves for work and I go to our living room. I make sure that I open the blinds so that as much light can come in and that I can observe nature. Also, the sunlight brightens the room with natural lighting.
If needed, I do some light cleaning to ensure that my space is free of clutter so that my mind may be free of clutter. Your environment plays an important role in the health of your mind and spirit.

Listen to Music (10-15 minutes)

Next, I lay on my back on the floor in a meditative stance with my face to the ceiling. I put on some inspirational music. It is usually Christian and I tend to change the song every few months. One of my favorites is “To Worship You I Live” by Israel Houghton. The lyrics are perfect for meditating because it speaks of getting “away from the noise”.

I really try my best to meditate on the lyrics and to ask God to free and clear my mind so that I am open to what He has to say.
Sometimes, I listen to my Meditation app, Calm, in which I listen to nature sounds for a set number of minutes and I let my mind wonder.

I also used to play my ukulele.

Grateful Prayer (5 minutes)

I move toward the window and I just start praising God for waking me up in the morning. I thank God for whatever comes to my mind. It could be the squirrel l I just saw climbing a tree or praising God for answered prayers. I give thanks!

This puts me in a good mood.

Prayer for Family and Friends (5-10 minutes)

Every journal I’ve owned has prayers for my loved ones. They range from prayer requests that they’ve specifically asked for and my own prayers based on my observations. My prayers range from asking God to help my sister get a cell phone before her birthday to prayer for healing a friend’s child from cancer.

This is a very selfless part of meditating. in which you are focusing your thoughts on others.

Read the Bible( 5-10 minutes)

I grew up reading the Bible and I believe I will die reading the Bible. Old habits die hard. But I truly believe that the Bible is inspired by God and it has taught me some awesome lessons. Currently, I am reading the book of Job and it is so interesting and inspiring. I read a chapter a day.

Feel free to read other religious sacred texts such as the Qur’an or the Torah.

Read Inspirational Books (10-20 minutes)

I also read inspirational, self-help, motivational books. This could be fiction, non fiction or health related. Currently, I’m reading a health book entitled “The Creation Health Breakthrough” by Monica Reed, MD and I am also reading a Christian devotional entitled “Glimpses of God” by Dorothy Minchin-Comm

Watch an Inspirational Video (5-10 minutes)

I usually look up a motivational video. It could be a TED talk on gratefulness or a short clip from a Baptist preacher. I find this practice very useful.

Journal Written (10-20 minutes)

This section is my me time. I reflect on my current feelings, desires, prayers and goals then I write it down. I write down my joys and my sorrows. I write whatever comes to mind. It’s a very therapeutic practice and I love to read over my past journals to see how much I’ve matured and I am also able to witness answered prayers!

Voice Journal (This can last up to 30 minutes)

I recently started this voice journal when I was stressed out and I ran out of pages to write in my journal. So I decided to record my thoughts on my iPhone voice recorder.

I start it off by saying “Dear Esther,” and I explain my situation or problem. I then listen to my journal and I record myself again, this time giving myself advice.

I love this process because I am able to hear myself as an outsider would and I’m able to give more objective advice to myself.

Final Prayer (1-2 minutes)

Then I end with a simple closing prayer. Thanking God again for that moment.

WordPress Blog -Most recently, I have incorporated my blogging into my worship. It’s been really awesome, especially, when I don’t have time to have my full blown meditation.

Nature-Finally, when the weather is nice I try to incorporate a nature walk to my worship. It allows me to clear my mind and to focus on other things beside me.

On a good day my meditation can last 1.5-2 hours. It’s pretty exhilarating.

I really need to work on creating a shortened meditative practice and to find a new quiet place now that my family has claimed it.

I hope this is useful!

I would love to hear some of your meditative practices. Share them with me



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