Thank God for Mean Friends!

Friendship-black-Biracial-Skin-Care (2)

Last week, I was talking on the phone with one of my girlfriends about how I think that I am a very nice bubbly person. She stopped my egotistical rant right in my tracks.

“Esther, you are not nice! You are mean!”

“What? How am I mean?”, I replied.

“You can say the meanest thing in the sweetest way. You could tell a person they are ugly in such a nice soothing way.”

“What??? First off, I wouldn’t tell anyone that they are ugly. I actually don’t think there are ugly people.”

“Esther, you are not really mean. I’m just playing with you but you could be blunt sometimes and that’s why I love you.”

Friends. Aren’t they awesome….. they can be so truthful, blunt and mean.

But you gotta love them. Great friends provide encouragement, support, advice, money, and of course dates(you know you have that friend who always wants to hook you up with somebody).

Most importantly, true friends are blunt with you……of course, in a loving sweet soothing way.

I thank God for allowing all of my friends into my life and for allowing me in their lives.  They’ve brought so much fun and happiness into my life. I hope to continue to cherish them, love them and be there for them.

How mean are your friends?





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