Are you ignoring God?

God-callingI have to admit. Sometimes, I ignore phone calls. Now, don’t judge. We all do it. There are many reasons for doing this, it may be that we just aren’t in the mood, we would like a break from that person, or we’re actually busy.

Recently, one of my girlfriends was constantly calling me. Truthfully, I wasn’t purposely ignoring her. It was just that our phone conversations can last for hours. Secondly, every time she called, I was in the middle of something, relaxing or about to go to sleep (Sorry, choosing between a 3 hour conversation and sleep is pretty easy for me. I choose sleep every time!).

Occasionally, I would send her a text apologizing for missing her calls to let her know that I was busy or that I will give her a call another time. Sometimes, I didn’t have the decency to even text back. I know, it’s such a bad friend move.

This went one for about 4 weeks until one time she called while I was in the middle of something and I decided to just pick up to let her know that I was busy and that I promise to call her later in the week.

“Hey, girl. I’m sorry that I’ve been missing your calls. It’s just that I’ve been soo busy. I’m answering to let you know that I’m busy right now and I don’t want you to think that I’m ignoring you.”

She paused. “Esther, I know that you are ignoring me. I don’t know why but I still keep calling you.”

When she said that, I was reminded of our relationship with God. God keeps calling us. And we ignore him. We make excuses. We let our work get in the way. We let our relationships consume us. And when we do have time to spare, we aren’t in the mood or we’re too tired.

Yet, God keeps calling.
He patiently waits as we go about our busy lives. He graciously accepts our quick text like prayers of forgiveness and gratefulness. He forgives our quick phone calls of confessions and understands our needed space. He knows that we are ignoring Him.

Yet, God keeps calling.


God loves us and wants us to have a personal relationship with us. He wants to talk with us and hear from us. He wants to share his knowledge and power with us. He wants to be updated with the progress of our lives. He wants to give us advice and encouragement. He wants to be loved and praised by us. He wants to know that we appreciate him. He wants to be our friend.

And he will continue calling us until we answer with fully open hearts.

I did end up talking with my friend later that week. We had a great two hour conversation that has actually inspired a great topic for a future blog post. When we were about to end our conversation she asked jokingly.

“So, when is our next appointment?”

My friend doesn’t want our friendship to be part of my calendar. She wants it to be a part of my life.

God wants the same. He doesn’t want to be squeezed into our schedules. He wants to be part of our schedules.

My advice; began to stop ignoring God by sending that quick text, progress to making that quick phone call and make a habit of having that full conversation. Make those conversations a regular part of your life.

I’m definitely going to try, both with God and with my friend.

Are you ignoring God?


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