Happy 2019!

It’s the last year of the decade. If you think about it, it’s kind of symbolic. For some, this symbolism will represent a culmination of things. Perhaps, the end of their crazy twenties, the bitter divorce of a decade long marriage. Maybe this year someone will finally understand their purpose. Another may reach a financial goal. There are so many possible outcomes, achievements, realizations and lessons waiting to come into fruition and I’m excited about experiencing them.

My goals for the last year of this decade are:

  1. Live in my truth
  2. Follow my intuition
  3. Meditate consistently
  4. Go to therapy (and the dentist)
  5. Pay off $20K-$25K in financial loans
  6. Become more involved in social justice groups
  7. Grow closer to my partner
  8. Be an empathetic supportive friend, sister, daughter, lover and colleague

Happy New Year!

-Esther Yvette




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