April Showers bring May Flowers

It is pouring outside. It’s one of those rainy days that make you snooze your alarm clock and crawl under the covers as the rain drops lull you back to dreamland.

The overcast grey colored skies can be dreadful especially after a long winter. But it is a reminder that good things are going to happen. The rain needs to happen for flowers to bloom and for green grace to abound.

I keep some motivational and inspirational quotes art decor on the walls of my office so that when rain comes, I look at the quote on my wall, “good things are going to happen”. I’m just going through an April. My May is around the corner.

Some rain hit me on Friday and I would look at the quotes on my wall.

“You belong to no one but yourself” Slight ode to Maya Angelou.

“Be kind.”


“Ask questions.”


That positivity created an inner calm that enabled me to face my mini storm of the day.

I walked through those showers with the confidence knowing that flowers will be blooming soon. I just need to be patient.

And guess what? The storm wasn’t even that bad.

-Esther Yvette



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