I Got a Job!

I got a job offer about 2 weeks ago as a Coordinator of Cooperative Education and I love it so far. I started last week and it was fabulous! I have great colleagues. Everyone is so friendly. The work is challenging yet exciting.

I’m feeling so grateful! I was telling my friends that I’m so happy that I’m scared. Has that ever happened to you all? Like have you experienced so much joy that the feeling seems intangible? I’m not supposed to feel this happy. Something’s bad is bound to happen. This joy can’t last too long.

Brené Brown, the sociologist and researcher that’s always on Oprah, writes about “being on the edge of joy” this in her book, “The Gifts of Imperfection.”

For years, my fear of something terrible happening to my children actually prevented me from fully embracing joy and gratitude. Every time I came too close to softening into sheer joyfulness about my children and how much I love them, I’d picture something terrible happening; I’d picture losing everything in a flash…… I realized that ‘my too good to be true’ was totally related to fear, scarcity, and vulnerability.

Most of us have experienced being on the edge of joy only to be overcome by vulnerability and transform it into gratitude, intense feelings of love will bring will often bring up the fear of loss.

Exactly my feeling but I plan to follow her advice.

I have to change my mindset. Instead of fearing the loss of joy, I should feel the moment and embrace it. So I’m doing it now. I’m enjoying the excitement of a new job. I’m relishing in relief. I’m loving the ability to open my laptop without opening an job search website. I’m proud of my persistence and perseverance. I’m thankful for the opportunities that people have provided. I cherish the loved ones who’ve encouraged me. I’m grateful for a platform that has allowed me to share my job search journey. I’m feeling so awesome!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Feeling so overwhelmed. Feeling good. Feeling great! Feeling fabulous!

Just leaning into the joy.





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