Trust and Thankfulness

I got a part-time job offer with the possibility for full-time in May.

Yay…… I should be so excited, right? I’ve been praying for this. And, yes, this is great but……

The pay is very low.

The organization is awesome and it has a lot of potential. I really want to work there but I’ve been nervous about negotiating my compensation. I know I’m worth more than what they are offering but I also know that the organization is small and young and a not-for-profit which means they have no money.

Awww! The anguish!

I realized that I’m going to try to negotiate with the possibility of them saying no. However, I need to do it rather than say nothing.

This is where trust comes into play. “Trust protects you from worrying and obsessing.” Isn’t that beautiful. I’m quoting Sarah Young’s devotional, “Jesus Calling: Enjoying peace in His Presence”.

The quote is telling me to:

Let go and Let God.

What is worrying going to do? Either they will accept my counteroffer or not. I’ll have to decide what I want to do afterwards. That may be something to obsess about too! I can worry about how badly I need additional income even if it’s little. I can obsess over the fact that I will definitely need a car. Or I can pity myself for never getting a call back for jobs with higher pay.

Thinking like this clouds my mind to the point where I can’t think. Trusting and having a calm mind allows me to make a sound decision.

Secondly, instead of complaining about not getting call backs, I can be thankful that an organization is finally interested in me. YAY! I’ve been praying for this! In addition, the pay is based on my work. In other words, I get different hourly rates for different positions in the organization. One out of the three positions that I’d be doing pays quite nicely. It isn’t like all of the pay sucks. That is something to be grateful for.

Wow! I actually feel better after writing about the few things I’m thankful for. I’ll just pray that God gives me wisdom and guidance regarding the negotiation.

Lord, let your will be done.



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