HodgePodge Week

So last week was the first full week of the year and it was a hodgepodge of events. I definitely had some highs and I definitely had some lows.

I wanted to write a post of each day and share my lesson learned.

Sunday, January 4th: I started my YourBody Butter recipe blog. I was so excited and happy. I was beginning the year right! I was crushing my uncertainty about my business idea and how I should go about it by actually doing something. I was on a high and my mind was bursting with ideas of what body butter I’d make next. I posted my first recipe and I was proud as hell.

Lesson: Just do it! Go for your gut! Do things for yourself!

Monday, January 5th: Since I started this body butter recipe blog, I realized that I needed ingredients. So, I splurged! I spent close to $200 on butters, oils, essential oils, mason jars and other necessary ingredients. It was exhilarating. I’m really trying not to buy anything else. ….. except for coconut oil. At first, I thought that I was crazy, but I realized that I’m following my goal to be a risk taker. I’m risking my money to invest in my blog! I’ve never done that before.

Lesson: Take risks! Invest your money in your dreams! See where it takes you.

Tuesday, January 6th: This day was relatively uneventful, I mainly took care of some errands. However, I did pray without ceasing. I haven’t mentioned it yet but my number #1 goal this year is to pray throughout the day. I want to talk with God on a regular basis. Therefore, I’m literally praying about every single situation. I was inspired by a book entitled “The Ten-Second Prayer Principle” by Mark Littleton, which is basically about  whispering quick ongoing prayers of praises or requests to God. He argues that you can do this in the shower, while you’re driving or during a test. Praying continually deepens your relationship with God and allows you to have a conversation with Him.

So I’ve been putting it into practice and I even use my iPhone to remind me to pray every hour for certain things. One of my requests was to find my USB drive that has my whole life embedded in it! For days, I’d send a quick prayer to God that I may find it. I forced myself not to worry and if I did become anxious, I quickly prayed again. Sure enough, I found it under the couch seat that night! Praise God!

Lesson: Pray without ceasing. God answers the little prayers.

Wednesday, January 7th: I was really looking forward to this day because I was going to have the apartment to myself for 4 hours! Alone time! Meditation time! Yes! However, I got bad news from two loved ones and it unfortunately, drained me. Fortunately, I was able to help one. The other person, I could only give emotional support. Yet even with that, I was still able to get some me time. I took time to look out the window and admire God’s beauty. The sky was so beautifully blue. The snow was brilliantly white and the scenery looked heavenly. For a moment, I felt connected with God and had peace. I am so happy that I was able to experience that because I had such a busy day. I later met with friends for a going away party at restaurant that I did not enjoy. Yes, I paid $45 for raw goat meat and rubbish. Who determines what is 5-star worthy food? Eww. I think I was the only person who didn’t like the food so I was in the minority which can suck. But overall, I was happy to spend time with friends.

Lesson: Things don’t always go as planned but you can still find a little good in it.

Thursday, January 8th: It was freezing!!!!!!! I had three socks and boots but the cold still seeped in. That morning, I left my friend’s place, ate breakfast, witnessed a homeless guy take a dump and wipe his butt with his hand and walk into the very restaurant I was eating in. My morning…… After that I went to the barbershop and headed to my dad’s apartment. Remember, it was cold and I use public transportation. So waiting for the train was DEATH. When I finally got to my dad’s, the key wasn’t working! I was trying to open the door and my fingers began to freeze! Omg! Omg! I started visualizing my death by freezing. I remembered to pray. I prayed that the key would work. I turned the key and…. it didn’t work. I prayed again, this time I prayed that I would get in. I turned the key and it didn’t work again! I finally decided to ring his neighbor’s bell to buzz me in. No one seemed to be home. I heard someone on the first floor so I ringed the doorbell and the person quickly looked out the window and asked. “What do you want?” I quickly explained that my dad lives on the third floor and his key isn’t working. She let me in. THANK GOD!

When I got in, his apartment was so warm. I thought I was going to die again but from joy. I took a nice warm bath and took a nap. I called a few friends and family. Finally, before bed, I meditated and read some Maya Angelou.

Lesson: Sometimes we appreciate good moments so much better after bad moments.

Friday, January, 9th: I pretty much had a relaxing day. I finished writing my prayer requests for all of my friends and family in my journal. I cooked and cleaned my dad’s place. (He was coming back from out of town and I wanted him to come in a welcoming space.) He really appreciated it. After he came, I read Maya Angelou and another spiritual book until I went to sleep.

Lesson: After a long week, there is rest.

Saturday, January 10th: I helped my dad with a few errands. After that, we went to church with my sisters. Later, we had a late lunch at nice restaurant and had some good bonding time. He dropped us home. There waiting for me were most of my packages filled with the delightful butters and oils for my body butter recipes! I tore them open and started mixing away! I had a really good day.

Lesson: There are good days. In fact, looking at my week, I can see more good than bad. Cherish those days more than the bad days.

There’s my week, hope you enjoyed taking a peak of my life,



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