26 Things that I am grateful for!

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog.

I miss you blog!

Anyways, I just turned 26 on June 19. So happy belated birthday to me! I am so blessed to see another year in life and thankful for all of the blessings that God has given me. I figured that I should share what I am thankful for  by making a list in relation to my age.

So here it is! 26 things…….

1. I am grateful for life.

2. I’m grateful for my new haircut!

sexy haircut

3. I’m grateful that I checked off my goal to where a two piece! Isn’t it cute!


4. I’m grateful for God’s protection as I walk around in the ‘hood (some rough neighborhoods in Chicago).

5.  I’m thankful for God’s protection on my siblings across the country.

6. I’m grateful that I can get at least one hug a day from a family member. We need 4-8 hugs a day!

7. I thank God for music!

8. I thank God for dancing!

9. I thank God for the beach.

10. I thank God for fun!

fun beach

11. I thank God for friends.


12. I thank God for my teaching experiences.

13. I thank God for my recent internship that came right on time at the end of my summer class.

14. I thank God that I paid off my credit cards this year!

15. I thank God that I’ve been saving consistently.

16. I thank God that I am 20 pounds lighter than 1 year and a half ago!

preworkoutweight loss

17.  I thank God for trees. I love looking at them.

18.  I thank God for the sky. I love staring at it.

19. I thank God for breezes, all types both warm and cool!

20. I thank God for books! I love to read!

21. I thank God for men. Men are so yummy. Wink Wink! (Especially, Idris!)


22. I thank God for my spirituality.

23. I thank God for choices.

24. I thank God for peace.

25. I thank God for quiet moments.

26. I thank God for personal growth.

So that’s my list! What are some things that you are grateful or thankful for! Share them with me!


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