Prayer for My Blog

It’s been 11 days since I’ve began this blog and embarked on my spiritual journey. It has been great so far. However, I realized that I haven’t prayed over it.

So here is my prayer.

God, Allah, Elohim, Jesus Christ, The Sovereign one, The Unknown, Holy Spirit, The Creator;

I thank You and I praise You for creating this world, for giving me fresh air, sunshine. I thank you for loved ones and shelter. I thank You for food and clothes. I thank You for everything.

You are so worthy to be praised and worshiped.

I thank You for Your power and for Your love. I’m grateful for Your grace and for Your understanding. I thank You for loving me. I am asking prayer for myself. That You will continue to be with me and that You guide me and that I follow Your guidance. Guide me in my walk with you. Most importantly, help me to draw close to You as I go on this journey.

I ask that I am one with You.

Bless me with my relationship with myself. Help me to truly love myself. Help me to truly have faith in the power that You have given me, with the creativity that You have blessed me with. Give me peace, give me contentment, give me joy. These are things that my heart so desires.

Help me to be at peace with myself.

I thank you for giving me the idea for this blog. I ask that you guide my hand and that in every blog post someone sees a glimpse of You. I ask that someone is inspired to do better, inspired to love more, inspired to judge less, inspired to pray more, inspired to meditate, inspired to ponder, inspired to take a risk that will change their life for the positive.

I ask that this blog be about me and You. Remove pride and ego from me and help me to focus not on the number of followers and likes I have. Or the beautiful layout of my website. Or how well I’ve written a post. Rather, help me take on a humble approach that this blog will be a tool in getting to know You. Help me to grow with this blog. Help me to give it fully to You, surrender it to You. Help me to remember to pray every time I write a blog post so that You are at the center.

This is my prayer

Feel free to share your prayers in the comments.

If you would like for me to pray for you, fill out the form below and I will add your prayer to my prayer list. Please signify in comments whether you consent to me sharing it in future blog posts.


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