Love Hurts

You said love is painful It really is It hurts to know that we love each other but want different things I'm uncertain about children and marriage You are certain about children and marriage This makes us uncertain about us You believe that I will always choose me and that makes you uncomfortable. You don't … Continue reading Love Hurts

While I sleep

I see you look at me while I sleep You wonder what lies behind my eyes What could I be dreaming about? You wonder if I dream about you As you watch me sleep in peace so beautifully, You wonder if you bring me joy As you admire my soft brown skin, You wonder if … Continue reading While I sleep

It’s Love.

I'm in love for the first time. And.... It's exhilarating. It's scary. It's powerful. It's joyous. It's kind. It's painful. It's pleasureful. It's sweet. It's passionate. It's spiritual. It's vulnerable. It's sexy. It's patient. It's uncomfortable. It's enlightening. It's forgiving. It's intense. It's peaceful. It's gentle. It's encompassing. It's wonderful. It's overwhelming. It's exciting. It's … Continue reading It’s Love.