4 Unconventional Ways to beat Job Search Burnout

Job seekers know that looking for work, career shifting and networking can be a job in and of itself. The online applications, informational interviews, job fairs, volunteering, networking events can burn a person out real quick.

The struggle is real.

I know I’m feeling the burn. I’ve been looking for about 4 months and it’s getting to me. It’s only natural to start feeling tired, a bit insecure and worried. However, instead of falling into despair which may lead to giving up, use these tips to get you out of the stump.

1. Take a Break 

Yes. Close that laptop and resume that job application later. Give yourself permission to stop. Looking for work can feel like a full-time position but it’s important to find balance. Your body and brain need to rest from the constant grind. MindBodyGreen writer, Jessica Sepel, notes that resting helps you recharge.

So go ahead take a walk, watch your favorite show, write in your journal (or blog!) or meditate. I would suggest to dedicate the weekend to resting from job search related activities or dedicating a day like Wednesday to take a break from online job applications. Those are the worst!

I promise stepping away from the search process will help you refocus and give you better clarity.

2. Watch Motivational Videos

YouTube! I love this social media platform. It is such a great tool to use for inspiration. You can find job specific motivational YouTubers like CareerCake or more inspirational speaker compilations like Be Inspired.

I always feel like I can conquer the world after listening to a motivational video. I’m sure you will too.

3. Talk to your Biggest Cheerleaders

We have friends and family for a reason. Reach out to them and tell them what you’re going through. There is someone in your supportive network that will say the just the right thing to give you that ego boost you need to get out of your stump.

My friends always affirm my great qualities and like to remind me of my successes when I start feeling inadequate.

4. Try a New Job Search Strategy

Shelly Lazarus, an advertising mogul, said that “the very nature of creativity is coming up with things that have never been tried before.” So be creative in your job search. If you’ve never used Twitter in your job search, start following your favorite companies and participate in the feeds.

If you’ve never attended a salary negotiation workshop, go find one and attend. Add new strategies to keep your career search fresh and expand your career network in the meanwhile.

Usually within minutes of trying something new, I feel more renewed excitement and eagarness about applying the new concept in my job search strategy.

By doing these things you’ll be out of your burn-out and on fire in no-time. Feel free to share how you destress when looking for work.

Esther Yvette


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