I need prayer!

I love prayer. It brings me peace and a still spirit. Prayer allows me to air out my worries and concerns. When I pray, I let go of the things that I want to control realizing that some things I really have no control of. 

The definition of prayer is a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship or an honest wish or request

So, in my effort to become more vulnerable, I am sharing my earnest prayer, my wish, my request for help:

God, please help me improve my credit score. I have the definition of bad credit, hovering around 500. I can’t get approved for anything. This is mainly due to my lack of knowledge, my unemployment, my high student loan debt, my following in my parents footsteps and partly, I admit, my carelessness. Thank you, God, that I am currently employed and have income to make a difference in my credit score. Help me to budget wisely and continue to look for more stable work so that I can continue to make timely payments that would, in turn, improve my credit score. Specifically, Lord, I would like my credit score to be 600 by December 31st.

Secondly, I ask Lord that You may bless me with a safe, reliable car. I like freedom and I hate the feeling of being stuck. I recently moved back with my mother in the suburbs and do not have access to reliable public transportation as I did in the city. There is only one car between my mother, my two sisters and I and it is a hassle. My mother uses the car on average 11 hours a day, 5 days a week and the other two days she has first call to it. Frankly, the situation is annoying and very limiting. I need a car to go to work, do errands and socialize. Preferably, I would like to finance a car at a low monthly payment between $100-$200 a month that would be affordable and would improve my credit. If not that, I am willing to purchase a used car on craigslist for up to $2000. Lord, I would like the car before October 1st.

I thank you and praise you over and over again for all the many blessings and answered prayers that you have given me. I know that you will come through. Your Word says that you are able to do “exceedingly abundantly more than I can even ask or think”. Ephesians 3:20. I just need to trust in your will and your word.

This is my prayer.

Love, Esther


2 thoughts on “I need prayer!

  1. hannahleonard66 says:

    I like to pray for my self and other things. But I also like when other people pray for my problems too. Because more prayer means more power! You know what I’m saying. So when there is a lot of people praying for me and other stuff, there is more power in it. But also it’s about faith. Because if I had a lot of faith, I wouldn’t worry about a lot of stuff…so yeah


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